Regarding Reopening the Church for Regular 11:00 AM Services on May 24th

Regarding Reopening the Church for Regular 11:00 AM Services on May 24th

As it was announced this week that North Carolina will be entering into Phase 2 of reopening, the deacons along with the pastor have decided to begin regular Sunday morning worship beginning May 24th.

At this time we will not be meeting for Sunday school but rest assured that Sunday school will begin again, just at a later date. The sanctuary has been set up for social distancing, with every other power being blocked off and the choir loft being rearranged just in case some individuals need to sit there. The side areas of the sanctuary are also available to help with social distances.

For anyone who plans to attend, face masks are encouraged and we do have some available as you walk in the church as well as hand sanitizer. For our bulletins, we are printing them early and placing them in pews before the service which minimizes the amount of human contact they have and allows them to stay in the pews for  days beforehand.

All the pews and hard surfaces will be sanitized each week to help minimize any germs that might be present. Also, we will receive offerings at the front and rear of the sanctuary to avoid the contact that is present when we pass the offering plate. The pastor is planning on wearing a face shield in the pulpit in order to allow others to more clearly see his face while also minimizing any spread of germs.

As we are still in the midst of dealing with COVID-19 we want to make sure everyone knows that we completely understand if you and your family chooses to remain home. Regardless of the reason, be it that you are at high risk because of age or medical conditions or that you simply simply would feel safer at home please do what you feel is best for you and your family.

More than anything, we want all of our members and attendees to remain safe and well during this time. Therefore we are taking the precautions that have been mentioned as well as a few more to ensure a safe worship experience. 

We are planning to continue recording the service and will make those available online through the church’s website, Youtube, and the church’s facebook page.
May God bless you and keep you safe!

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