2-11-2018 – Why Do We Celebrate Communion

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Sermon Notes
1 Corinthians 11:23-29
Why Do We Celebrate Communion?

4 reasons why we celebrate communion

1) We celebrate communion to remember the loving work of Christ towards us (verses 23-25)

     A) Remembering keeps us humble

     B) Remembering keeps us focused

     C) Remembering keeps us unified

2) We celebrate communion to respect the command of Christ (verses 24-25)

     A) Communion is an act of obedience

     B) Communion is an act of worship

     C) Communion is an act of proclamation

3) We celebrate communion to rejoice in the victory Christ has secured (verse 26)

     A) Our past life is over

     B) Our present life is lived in victory

     C) Our future life is secure

4) We celebrate communion to confront ourselves with reality of our need to repent of our sins and return to Christ (verse 27-28)

     A) Repentance should be innate in our character

     B) Repentance can be something that we resist

     C) Repentance must be genuine

5) We celebrate communion to face the need we all have to reconcile with one another (verse 29)

     A) Reconciliation provides harmony to the church and our lives

     B) Reconciliation places us in a right relationship with God

     C) Reconciliation proclaims a powerful message to the world

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