A Prayer For Our Nation

A Prayer For Our Nation

Written February 2017

Much has occurred in the past 3 months in our nation. In fact the world as we know it is very different from what it was 4 or 5 months ago. That being said, we are blessed that the most important facet of our life has not changed, God Almighty. As Scripture reminds us that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is unchanging in power, might, and the control He has over this world. For that we can be thankful and most grateful. As the days pass in this new administration the need is still present to pray for those that are in authority over us.

Something that I have found most helpful are written prayers. I will admit that there was a time in my life where I didn’t want anything to do with a pre-written prayer but I have come to understand that many times we need help in finding the words to convey the feelings of our hearts. Many times our hearts are either distraught or elated. Sometimes we are exhausted in our spirits and we simply don’t have the words to utter the prayers of our hearts. That being said, I found a beautifully crafted prayer for our nation. It was composed by James MacDonald who is pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago. He is tremendous Bible teacher and preacher and I have been blessed by this prayer and I hope it will help you as we pray for our nation.

Father, we come before You because we acknowledge that the needs of our country are very great. We love You, we love our families, we love this nation — and we realize that among the peoples on the face of this earth, we are greatly blessed to be Americans.

Yet, we wouldn’t be entirely transparent if we didn’t say what You already know. Much that has happened in these many months has grieved us and caused us uncertainty. There are those who are absolutely elated at the election results — and I pray that You would protect their hearts from an undue pride or confidence in men who always disappoint, when our confidence is to be placed in You.

And there are others who are deeply grieved by this election and believe that a different outcome was the only hope for our country. I pray You would grant to them a sense of humility, that You are so much bigger than our perceptions and our thoughts of how things should be.

How glad we are and how glorious it is to worship a sovereign God who is in control of everything. Your Word says that promotion does not come from the east or the west — that You are the judge who sets up one and puts down another (Psalm 75:6 7). As I said eight years ago, we say again: Your will has been done. Now we await the unfolding of Your purposes. Sometimes You appoint rulers to bring judgement; sometimes You appoint rulers to bring change; but always You are the Rock upon which we stand.

Forgive us, God, for the ways we have placed our hope in anything other than You. Forgive us for the times we should have been that rock to others, but instead we have been a source of anxiety as we vented our own fears and frustrations. Forgive us for when we should have been leading and expressing faith, but in expressing our doubt and dismay, we may have caused others to wonder whether You are a God in whom we can trust. And You most assuredly are.

Make our faith stronger. Make our focus greater. We look to no man, but we do pray for our President – elect. We pray for a peaceful transition of power to take place, for the team to be built, for the decisions to be made. We pray for those who have the ear of our President – elect, and that those who know You personally will not fear to speak what is true and what represents Your Word and Your heart.

Whatever turn is next in the road, or the turn after that, or the turn after that — we pray that our faith would be stronger for what we have seen and endured. We pray that our tethering to You would be closer, so that our hearts would not wander and our faith would not grow dim.

Let us love and give and serve and trust and spend ourselves for what really matters. Let us remain prayerful, grateful, and hopeful because of the promises You have given us. We consecrate ourselves, our church, our families, our country, and our future, again,
to You… in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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