Who Are Your Enemies?

Who Are Your Enemies?

Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth? Galatians 4:16

Have you ever had someone turn on you because you told them the truth? I had that happen to me years ago when I told a couple who were living together out of wedlock that what they were doing was contrary to God’s Word and His plan. In fact that one truth-telling, which I tried to do in the most loving and caring way possible, basically ended any contact we had which made me very sad.

The same type of thing happened to the Apostle Paul with the church in Galatia. At one point he came to that city with some type of physical ailment which forced him to stop and rest there. While there he preached the gospel and many were converted and this church began. However after Paul had moved on a group called the Judiazers who were those that claimed that they were Christians and taught it was necessary to adopt Jewish customs and practices, especially those found in the Law of Moses, to be saved.

They were persuasive and friendly and won over at least some in this church that Paul had such a huge role in. Some commentators think that at some point Paul wrote to the church and rejected this teaching and reminded them that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone with works having nothing to do with it. Because of this, there was pushback and verse 16 comes to light. Paul asks have I become your enemy because I have told you the truth?

Paul was pleading with the church to realize the error of their way and that they were rejecting the pure and true gospel message in exchange for something that was in error. The problem they faced was they liked this new way of thinking better and rather than accepting the truth they held onto a lie.

In our world, we face the same dilemma of being presented with hundreds of ear-pleasing teachings that lead us astray from Christ. Whether it is the acceptance of some type of sin or the elevation of some other teaching or teacher to the same status as Christ all are popular, pleasureful, and easy to accept. The problem comes when we hear the truth and are confronted with the cold hard reality of our sin.

At this time we have to ask the question, “Who is our enemy?” Is it the one who speaks the truth to us? Is it God’s Word that pushes against the norm of society and the sin of this world?

Is it the teaching or the one who is leading us astray? Let us be on guard against all things which would lead us astray from the clear teaching of God’s Word that we might follow the Lord closely each and every moment of our days.

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