To the Incredible Congregation of Mars Hill Baptist Church

To the Incredible Congregation of Mars Hill Baptist Church

Written July 26, 2011

I am a pastor. This is what God has called me to do in my life. Therefore words are one of the primary tools of my trade. I am called to be able to speak in front of others, give answers that are understandable and grounded in God’s Word, and be able to communicate my feelings accurately and without difficulty when situations demand it. That being said allow me to convey the immense difficulty I am having in finding the words to describe the gratitude and thankfulness that I and my wife have for all the wonderful things that have been done for us in coming to Mars Hill.

First, let me thank all of the church for the prayers that were sent up on our behalf during our recent sabbatical. Our time away gave us a much-needed chance to renew our strength and passion for ministry. We were able to grow closer together as a family, create wonderful memories, and build anticipation for the coming opportunities presented with a new ministry and church family. Your prayers were so greatly needed and continue to be coveted by me and my family. Thank you for such tremendous prayer support!

Secondly, as I mentioned my first Sunday, Allison and I were utterly dumbfounded by the work that was done on the parsonage. I still wonder if the church simply hauled the old parsonage away and replaced it with a brand new home! I do not know the number of man-hours nor the immense cost that was paid to complete the work but I know I am truly humbled by the love that the church showed in preparing such a beautiful home for my family and I. We have a truly blessed home not only because of the hard work that was poured into it but also because of the hearts of those that worked on it. Thank you for blessing us so greatly.

In addition to a wonderful home you have blessed us by filling that home with all manner of wonderful things. Upon arriving to see the house after our long vacation we found it filled with all manner of food and laundry soap as well as a mountain of paper products. These blessings did not end just with what was already there as Allison and I received many more gifts as the week progressed! Truly you have made our cup overflow. Thank you for your immense generosity in welcoming us to Mars Hill!

Finally, thank you for your love as individuals and as a church. You have been true friends to us even though we have known most of you for just a short period of time. Thank you for your support of my wife in making yourself available to her if she needs a ride or someone to talk to. Thank you for being so understanding of the unique needs of my family and being there for us when we need you. Thank you for your letter of support and visitation during our time in the hospital when we’re not even in your service yet. You have truly shown us the love of Christ through your lives and we are so excited to serve here at Mars Hill along with you, our loving and caring church family.

In His Service

Daniel Gregory

Truly Blessed Pastor

Mars Hill Baptist Church

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