Our In-Person Services

Currently, at Mars Hill, we are having our regular morning worship services, Sunday school, and for the past few weeks, choir practice. We are planning on starting our Wednesday Night services on April 20th.

With the numbers for COVID-19 down we are moving more towards a pre-pandemic worship service and schedule.

For all of our services, we do not require masks or social distancing but we do have masks available for any that wishes to wear one. We also respect all choices that people would make for their personal health.

Currently, we have those who are attending that continue to wear masks and those that do not. We welcome anyone wishing to come and worship.

We are so grateful for the grace of God that has brought us to this point where we can gather more freely and worship. We continue to pray for God’s continued work as we face the ongoing struggles that COVID-19 has posed not only in our community but throughout the world.

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