Our Socially Distanced Worship Services, Sunday School, and Wednesday Night Bible Studies

As we all continue to deal with the ongoing pandemic the deacons along with the pastor decided to begin regular Sunday morning worship.

Though we are not formally meeting for Sunday school we have one class meeting through ZOOM. We have informed the church that if a Sunday school class would like they may meet in the church fellowship hall or they can meet at other times during the week. Any Sunday school class wishing to meet can call the church office and reserve a time to ensure the heat will be turned on and the building will be warm.

Currently, we are only having our Wednesday evening Bible study online. As our normal attendance on Wednesday nights is less than our Sunday mornings we felt it best to move our Wednesday evening Bible study completely online.

The sanctuary has been set up for social distancing, with every other pew being blocked off and the choir loft being rearranged to accommodate individuals, just in case that space is needed. The side areas of the sanctuary are also available to help with social distances. All this has been done to ensure we will have ample room for any wishing to attend while still allowing everyone to socially distance from one another.

For anyone who plans to attend, face masks are encouraged and we do have some available as you walk in the church as well as hand sanitizer. Bulletins will be placed in the pews days before the service to minimize the amount of human contact.

Also, we will receive offerings at the front and rear of the sanctuary to avoid the contact that is present when we pass the offering plate. During the service, the pastor will be wearing either a face shield or mask in the pulpit in order to minimize any spread of germs.

Standing distance on the sanctuary floor has been marked out in 6-foot increments to help with distancing.


As we are still in the midst of dealing with COVID-19 we want to make sure everyone knows that we completely understand if you and your family choose to remain home. Regardless of the reason, be it that you are at high risk because of age or medical conditions or that you simply would feel safer at home please do what you feel is best for you and your family.

More than anything, we want all of our members and attendees to remain safe and well during this time. Therefore we are taking the precautions that have been mentioned and encouraging any who are at high risk or feel uncomfortable attending at this time to worship at home. 

We are continuing to record the service and posting them on our website, Youtube, and Facebook. They are usually uploaded late Sunday evening.

May God bless you and keep you safe!

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